Power: 300w

Voltage:AC110-120V 50/60HZ


1: Temperature controlled rang 16--32 degree celcius Or 61--90 Degree

2: Temperature controlled precision:1C

3: Can be immersible into the water completely
4: Double seal insulation

High Quality: Aquarium heater made of high-quality quartz glass, double seal material, advanced design, ensures safe operation.

  • Adjustable Temperature: The temperature of the fish tank heater can be adjusted automatically. Temperature setting range: (65° F - 93° F), and the display is easy to read.
  • Fully Submersible Power: 300W. Suggested water volume: 75-115 gal.
  • Both suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariums, provide a warm and constant environment for your tropical fish to stay healthy.
  • Convenient and Safe: Our aquarium heater thermostat has two suction cups for attachment to the fish tank. The polarized plug prevents electrical shock.

300W Submersible Aquarium Heater With Electronic Thermostat

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