200 Micron Nylon Mesh Filter Woven Mesh Sheet Off-White Polyester Food Grade





Lower Temperature Rating -40 degrees_fahrenheit Upper Temperature Rating 200 degrees_fahrenheit Construction Type Woven Exterior Finish Smooth Indentation Hardness 114 rockwell_R Item Thickness 300 micrometer Length 1m-10mx1.27m i Pattern 300 micrometer Tensile Strength 12000 p_p_square_inch Thread Diameter 215 micrometer The construction of plastic cloth is determined by the yarn type, yarn size and thread count. Monofilament yarns are a single continuous filament which produces a relatively smooth surface. In plain weave constructions the straight-through pores of monofilament fabrics offer minimal flow restriction and surface loading of particles. These versatile precision woven fabrics meet stringent technical requirements in automotive, biomedical, chemical processing, and water treatment applications. Common applications include insert-molded filters for air and fuel filter cartridges, fuel injector nozzles, and liquid filter bags.provide precision filter fabrics for liquid filtration, separation and sifting, with special-made processing machines and equipment, MAISHI is capable of heat-slitting mesh into mesh ribbons without fraying edges. It is widely used in filteration (wather,flour, juices. soybean milk, oil, cheese, air purification, power coating filtering in industry etc. ), printing and dyeing, the industries of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, cement, environmental dedusting etc.



200 Micron Nylon Mesh Filter Woven Mesh Sheet Off-White Polyester Food G

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